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Huda Abu Obaid

Huda Abu Obaid

WHRD, Lawyer, Advocacy Coordinator
Negev Coexistence Forum

Huda Abu Obaid is a Palestinian woman human rights defender from the Bedouin town of Lakiya in The Negev. She works as a local advocacy coordinator with the Negev Coexistence Forum and works as a lawyer in a law firm. She holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies, Feminist Studies, and a BA in Law.

Huda's human rights work focuses on the issues of the Bedouin community, especially the demolishing of the houses of the Bedouin population, and advocates for the recognition of the unrecognized villages in The Negev.

Huda was one of the founders of a youth movement who led the resistance against the Israeli Prawer Plan which aimed to uproot the residents of the unrecognized Negev villages.

Many of the issues affecting the work of human rights defenders in Israel are linked to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. A number of non governmental organisations exist in Israel which monitor the situation of Palestinians in the OPT and encourage religious pluralism and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians.