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Hauwa Haruna

Hauwa Haruna

Center for Women Empowerment in Nigeria

Hauwa Haruna works on conflict resolution and women's rights in Northern Nigeria. Her organisation, Center for Women Empowerment in Nigeria, promotes education for young boys and girls, supports survivors of domestic violence and other types of gender-based violence, and works with internally-displaced persons.


Women HRDs face serious challenges especially in certain areas of the country including the Northern states, where Sharia law is applied, the South-East and South-West, where traditional practices and customs are stronger. The work of women HRDs in those areas focuses primarily on such issues as polygamy, child marriage, inheritance and female genital mutilation. Religious groups and traditional communities often distrust organisations working on women's rights. Name calling, verbal assaults, physical attacks and sexual harassment have been reported as the main violations against WHRDs.


Hauwa Haruna, Nigeria - Testimony at the 2017 Dublin Platform