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Han Hui Hui

Han Hui Hui

HRD, Blogger & Founder
Empowering Singaporeans
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Hui Hui holds up a yellow umbrella with slogans during protest to free blogger Amos Yee at Hong Lim Park in Singapore

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10 things about: Han Hui Hui, the Singaporean social activist

Han Hui Hui is a blogger and human rights defender. She uses her blog and social media to highlight shortcomings in social services, especially in health and housing issues, as well as to raise public awareness of human rights violations in Singapore. She has participated in the organisation of awareness programmes and events on children's rights, and the right to freedom of expression, democracy and human rights. As well as this, she has facilitated training camps on democracy for youth activists.

In 2010, she started blogging about the society’s pursuit of paper qualifications and how JC students were considered promising, poly students were considered average while ITE students are hopeless. She started to question why must everyone follow this education path to later compare monetary and materialistic achievements, is this the purpose of life? For that, she got her first legal threat and went through negotiation in 2010 and mediation in 2011. Her continual questioning of the system got her into more legal trouble in 2012 as she went through arbitration.

In 2013, the Singapore government through the Ministry of Education made use of CPE to issue letter of demand to sue Han Hui Hui for defamation when she raised questions about foreign talents and degree mills. In 2014, the Singapore government through the Ministry of National Development made use of Nparks to ban Han Hui Hui from organizing any public assembly or speaking in public at Hong Lim Park. In 2015, the Singapore government through the Ministry of Home Affairs made use of SPF to charge Han Hui Hui with two criminal charges that could disqualify her from standing for election in the year 2020.


In contrast with Singapore's reputation as a successful economic hub, human rights defenders face lawsuits, fines, arrest and detention, and travel bans as a result of their legitimate work. Singapore has an extremely strict criminal defamation law, under which even those indirectly involved in producing an allegedly libelous article can be sued; printers, news vendors, authors and editors are all susceptible to charges.


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