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Federico González

Enfoque Territorial

Federico González is a member of Enfoque Territorial (Territorial Approach), a non-profit organisation based in Asunción, Paraguay, which carries out multidisciplinary work for social promotion, capacity building on human rights, promotion of social associations, communitary psychotherapy and academic and scientific research. Enfoque Territorial is composed of psychologists, doctors, lawyers, sociologists and students that work jointly in different territories, through direct actions and developing scientific research.


Human rights defenders and journalists in Paraguay are facing significant insecurity, harassment and killings. Land rights defenders have faced particularly violent repression. In 2012, one of the lead figures of the land rights movement, Mr Vidal Vega, former head of the Campesinos sin Tierra (Peasants without Land) and a key witness into the Curuguaty massacre, was assassinated in front of his family. According to the Paraguayan Human Rights Coordinator, between 1989 and 2013, 115 land rights defenders from campesino organisations were killed or forcefully disappeared.