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Doctor Sekouba Conde

HRD & Founder
Association of Solidarity and Mutual Assistance to Migrants (ASEM)

Doctor Sekouba Conde is a human rights defender and one of the founders of Association of Solidarity and Mutual Assistance to Migrants (ASEM), an organisation which focuses on right to health of African migrants and refugees and provides medical treatment for people who cannot access medical treatment as migrants and refugees. 

Turkey police

HRDs, journalists, cultural workers, academics and anyone promoting and defending the rights of the Kurdish community and the rights of religious, cultural, and sexual minorities, or women and labour rights, continue to undergo various forms of reprisals, discrimination, and attacks. They are frequently falsely accused of "being a member of an armed terrorist organization", "propaganda of terrorism","insulting the Turkish President" and/or "revealing state secrets". Lawyers who provide legal assistance to HRDs and civil and political activists also face huge obstacles in performing their work and are at risk of arrest, detention, and prosecution.