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Didar Bhuiyan

Didar Bhuiyan


Didar Bhuiyan is a member of Rastrochinta, a platform that mobilises discussion on topics of political reform, rule of law and constitutional rights, among others. Being an information technology professional, Didar Bhuiyan is instrumental in Rashtrochinta’s social media campaigns and online discussion forums.

The human rights defender was an active member of a voluntary group called Partiban Chai (which translates to ‘We demand Change’) and in this capacity, had partaken and organised several activities calling for reforms of systems of oppression and corruption.


Human rights defenders in Bangladesh face judicial harassment, arbitrary arrest, fabricated charges, abduction, physical attacks, torture and extrajudicial killings. Between February 2013 and September 2017, at least 15 Bangladeshi human rights defenders and activists were murdered.