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Coque Mukuta

Coque Mukuta

HRD, Journalist
Voz da América

Coque Mukuta works for Radio Despertar and has been covering  anti-government demonstrations in the past in Angola. He was the co-author of the book Os Meandros das Manifestações em Angola – I Volume (The Troubled Ways of Demonstration in Angola – Book I), which described the anti-government demonstrations organised in Angola in 2011 and early 2012 and how security forces violently disrupted the demonstrations and harassed those taking part in them. He has been the subject of several threats and intimidation, including break-ins at his home and has received threatening letters.


Human rights defenders in Angola have been victims of arrests, judicial harassment, physical attacks, threats and defamation campaigns. Freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression are limited. Human rights defenders working on civil and political rights and journalists criticizing the government are especially at risk.


Coque Mukuta Testimony - 2015 Dublin Platform