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Atchi Walla

Atchi Walla

HRD, Trade Unionist
Syndicat National des Practiciens Hospitaliers du Togo

Atchi Walla is one of the main leaders of the STT, the central labour union body that works to improve the living conditions of Togolese workers. It is also a member of the Réseau Sentinelle pour la protection des Droits de l'homme (Watchdog Network for the protection of Human Rights), which monitors the security of human rights defenders in Togo. Members of STT have been the subject of threats, intimidation for several months, and even physical assaults, and Atchi Walla has been threatened with arrest by the government.

Togo has a long-standing poor track record for human rights, a situation made worse by recent political developments which have led the country on a more authoritarian path.