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Amgalanbayar Bor Uvgun

Amgalanbayar Bor-Uvgun


Amgalanbayar Bor-Uvgun is a woman human rights defender, who has been active in defending the rights of a community of herders threatened with forced displacement by Chinese mining companies. Amgalanbayar has been struggling to protect their right to remain on the land and to receive compensation for the serious impact of the mining operations on their livelihood and their traditional way of life. Because of her work, Amgalanbayar has been receiving threats, she has been the subject of a smear campaign, and in 2018 her husband was physically attacked.


The situation of human rights defenders, promoting corporate accountability in the extractive sector in Mongolia, is particularly complex nowadays. Because of their reporting and investigative work related to mining issues, these human rights defenders face a variety of threats and intimidation, both from the government and corporate actors. They are exposed to judicial harassment as well as vilification and smear campaigns.