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Alejandra Pablos Espriu

Alejandra Pablos Espriu

HRD, Member

Alejandra Pablos Espriu is a defender of immigrant rights, sexual and reproductive rights, women’s rights, and an advocate of immigration and prison reform, and has worked with many immigrant rights and prison abolition organisations throughout the US. She is an active member of Mijente, a digital and grassroots hub that empowers Latinx (gender-neutral alternative to Latino) and Chicanx (individual of American nationality of Mexican descent) to create a political space that brings together leadership, advocacy, culture and media to spark culture and policy change. She works as a field coordinator for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, where she seeks to raise the voices of Latinas in Virginia for policy change on all issues affecting them.

HRDS in the USA have been subjected to acts of harassment, intimidation, death threats, stigmatization and restrictions have been placed on their freedoms of expression, assembly and association. Some defenders have also been dismissed from their jobs and been prevented from earning a living, are subject to spurious legal proceedings, and have been arrested, detained, placed under house arrest, beaten and been victims of violent and armed attacks.