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Rights on the Line Podcast

Season 3, Episode 4: The cost of saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea


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Sea-Eye is a German non-profit organization working for the rescue of fleeing people in the central Mediterranean Sea. Sea-Eye fights to protect the right to life by by rescuing people from unseaworthy boats, looking for people in distress at sea, and through search-and-rescue activities. Their rescue missions most often entail saving refugees from drowning and being stranded at sea, filling a gap left by the failed migration policies of European states. Sea-Eye is religiously and politically independent and exclusively financed through donations. In total, all the organizations vessels were able to save 15,597 people from drowning during over 70 rescue missions since 2015. Sea-Eye's ALAN KURDI ship was previously detained for months in Italy, and most recently the SEA-EYE 4 rescue ship has been detained in Italy after it had rescued 408 people in less than 3 days during its very first mission in May 2021.