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Belarus Press Club is a platform for the professional development of Belarusian independent media and journalists, and a member of the International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC). Press Club conducts educational trainings, provides space for professional discussion and development of new media projects and monitors compliance of Belarusian media materials with journalistic standards. Since protests began after the 2020 Presidential election, the Belarus Press Club has been closely following repression against independent media and journalists in Belarus, and has compiled the collected data into a project called “Press under Pressure”, which includes cases of detention and arrest, physical abuse, blocking of independent media websites, denial of printing and distribution for printed media, and the revoking of journalistic accreditation of foreign journalists.

HRDs are systematically subjected to intimidation and harassment, including judicial harassment, restrictions on freedom of expression, association and assembly, and movement, as well as arbitrary detention and conviction, ill-treatment and defamation, searches of offices and personal belongings, and confiscations of equipment.