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Georgian Democracy Initiative

The Georgian Democratic Initiative (GDI) is an independent non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting human rights, fostering tolerance and promoting an inclusive society. They work to strengthen democratic reforms, promote the rule of law, and to increase the transparency and accountability of state institutions. GDI also engages in research, analysis and education to promote the country's democratic development and integration into Euro-Atlantic framework. Through monitoring, open debate, evidence-based policy analysis, and tailored projects, GDI addresses the challenges faced by Georgia in relation to human rights and democracy. For example, GDI has been informing the public about the unlawful and unfounded arrests of peaceful demonstrators. By creating investigative documentaries and presenting a variety of evidence, they seek to expose government misconduct in restricting freedom of speech.

Human rights defenders in Georgia are often subjected to physical attacks, threats and insults, defamation, and slander. In most cases, these forms of intimidation are levelled against those who protect and promote the rights of migrants and members of national, religious, or sexual minorities, as well as those working on politically sensitive cases and in remote areas where they have almost no opportunities for protection.