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Marie Claudette Ndagui

Marie Claudette Ndagui

Association Gabonaise pour les Oeuvres Sociales (AGOS)

Dr. Marie Claudette Ndagui is the president of the Association Gabonaise pour les Oeuvres Sociales (AGOS) that promotes economic and social rights of shopkeepers and vulnerable youth in Libreville. Most recently, AGOS has worked with shopkeepers to sensitize them to their economic rights and protections afforded by the state, and to denounce poor governance and corrupt practices in Libreville’s local government that negatively impact small-scale shopkeepers.


Many cases of judicial harassment against Gabonese HRDs and journalists contained accusations of defamation or “disrupting public order” and most often arose from declarations, reports or articles in which known political figures close to the ruling party were mentioned.