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Supriti Dhar

Supriti Dhar

HRD, Journalist & Founder
Women Chapter

I was threatened for five days in a row. The threatening calls came from 52 different numbers. I was abused on Facebook and told that I would be their next target.

Supriti Dhar runs a very popular blogsite, called Women Chapter, where women are allowed to speak out about the changes they want to see in society, share news and experiences. She is under severe threat both from the religious extremists and the state, but very determined to continue her work.

Female journalists have been particularly vulnerable: many of them have been sexually harassed and assaulted, including at the workplace. In the vast majority of cases, these violations went unpunished. In the first eight months of 2015, four bloggers were killed. One of the victims had previously expressed fear of an attack, and said his reports of threats were ignored by police.