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Sukhgerel Dugersuren

Sukhgerel Dugersuren

HRD, Director
Oyu Tolgoi Watch (OT Watch)
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'When I was herding I had a plentiful life. Now I am working for another and have lost my independence'

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By Sukhgerel Dugersuren

Sukhgerel Dugersuren is a Mongolian woman human rights defender who works closely with communities impacted by large scale development projects. She has a long history of exposing human rights abuses and environmental degradation linked to large scale mining, energy and infrastructure projects. She is the Executive Director of Oyu Tolgoi Watch (OT Watch) – a Mongolian NGO monitoring the environmental and human rights impacts of Rio Tinto’s gold and copper mine Oyu Tolgoi – and Director of the Rivers without Boundaries Coalition in Mongolia which helps local communities to protect river ecosystems they depend on. OT Watch is part of the international Coalition for Human Rights in Development and Sukhgerel Dugersuren is a member of the advisory body for the Defenders in Development campaign.


Sukgherel Dugersuren Testimony - 2015 Dublin Platform