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Sindy Joyce

Sindy Joyce


Sindy Joyce is an Irish Traveller, human rights activist and a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Limerick. She has been a vocal advocate for the recognition of the Irish Travellers’ ethnicity status and continues to campaign for human rights across Ireland. In 2014, Sindy Joyce won the Traveller Pride Award for Education. She had also worked for the Galway Traveller Movement.

Sindy’s PhD thesis, titled “ Minkiers Siúladh: An ethnographic study of young Travellers’ experiences of urban space”, addresses the original and important question of how anti-Traveller racism shapes young people’s use of and movement through public space. Sindy’s research interests include both direct and indirect forms of racism, issues of ethnicity and identity, social and political constructions of Irish Travellers and the production of space related inequalities and social exclusion.


Sindy Joyce, Ireland - Testimony at the 2017 Dublin Platform