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Rose Limbu


Rose Limbu is a Nepalese migrant worker in Lebanon, as well as a board member of the Domestic Workers’ Union in Lebanon. In this role she advocates for the rights of migrant workers in Lebanon, many of whom are subjected to exploitative labour practices. On 29 December 2014, six Lebanese workers requested that the Lebanese Labour Ministry recognise a union to protect the rights of domestic migrant workers. The request was met with strong opposition by the Labour Minister who announced that the union is illegal. The Domestic Workers’ Union, to which both Rose Limbu and Ms Sujana Rana belong, continues to operate informally and acts as a forum for the promotion of migrant domestic worker rights.

Exploitation and abuse of migrant workers in Lebanon are rampant, thanks in part to an absence of legal protection that leaves migrant workers without any means to pursue grievances against their employer.