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Preta Ferreira

Preta Ferreira (Janice Ferreira da Silva)

Movimento Sem Teto do Centro, Frente de Luta por Moradia, Boletim Lula Livre

Janice Ferreira da Silva, known as Preta Ferreira, is a woman human rights defender who promotes access to housing and struggles against racism and social inequalities. She is an active member of organised movements for housing rights in the city of São Paulo, such as Movimento Sem Teto do Centro (Landless Movement of the Centre, MSTC) and Frente de Luta por Moradia (Struggle for Housing Front, FLM), of which her mother is a leader. Preta was the presenter of Boletim Lula Livre (Free Lula Bulletin), which reports on activities of the movement for the liberation of former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

The challenges and threats faced by human rights defenders in Brazil remain very high, particularly for those working on issues of land, environment, indigenous peoples, LGBTI rights, corruption and impunity.