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No Tap



No-TAP is a spontaneous citizen's initiative organising peaceful marches and events since 2011, aimed at raising awareness about the environmental impacts of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) which will transport gas from Azerbaijan to Italy. The human rights defenders have been protesting in the Italian province of Lecce, as the construction of the pipeline threatens ancient olive farms, water sources, cultural heritage sites and the local coastline, in a region which heavily depends on agriculture and tourism. Moreover, the local population was not consulted when the project was being discussed and approved.

Dozens of peaceful No-Tap protesters are currently under investigation facing fines of up to 8.000 euros. Moreover, twenty defenders are facing restrictions to their freedom of movement, as they have been prohibited from entering the municipality of Melendugno, where the TAP is being built. Some activists are also banned from entering the capital of the province, Lecce, and at least two people have lost their jobs because of this ban.

No Tap - context photo

Freedom of expression and assembly are constitutionally guaranteed and generally respected in Italy. However, the Italian police has been accused on numerous occasions of excessive use of force against peaceful protesters and activists. Furthermore, judicial harassment has been used to hinder the activities of human rights defenders in Italy, with several cases over the past several years that led to prolonged litigation and high expenses on behalf of defendants.