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Martinez Zogo

Martinez Zogo

HRD, Journalist
Amplitude FM

Martinez Zogo was a human rights defender, journalist, and head of the radio Amplitude FM. He made several media appearances to denounce the embezzlement relating to lines 94, 65 of the Cameroonian State budget.The murder of human rights defender Martinez Zogo is one of many targetings and assassinations of human rights defenders in Cameroon.


Human rights defenders and journalists critical of the government are particularly targeted and often face harassment. Security forces have tortured, beaten, harassed, and abused citizens, journalists, detainees and human rights defenders. In the context of the government’s response to the Anglophone crisis, which began at the end of 2016, and attacks from the armed group Boko Haram in the North, excessive force has been used by security forces to police assemblies, and peaceful protesters have been subjected to arbitrary detention. Access to internet and social media was also blocked to prevent peaceful protests and authorities have banned news outlets deemed sympathetic to Anglophone protesters. In October 2018, President Paul Biya was re-elected in elections results challenged by the opposition leader, Maurice Kamto, who claimed victory. In October 2019, president Paul Biya ordered the release of several political detainees and human rights defenders following the national dialogue.