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Daniela Soto


Daniela Soto is a Nasa women human rights defender from the ancestral territory of Sath Tama Kiwe- resguardo of Las Mercedes Caldono in the department of Cauca. She works in favor of indigenous peoples rights, especially women's rights and the defense of the land.

She is currently a philosophy student at the University of Cauca, takes part of the Women's Program of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (Cric) and is a member of the Network of Young Peace Builders of the Mi Sangre Foundation.

HRDs at risk in Colombia come from a broad range of different backgrounds, including: trade unionists, indigenous leaders, afro-colombian leaders, activists working with internally displaced persons and on land issues, women's rights defenders, journalists, lawyers, students and youth activists, church workers, LGBTI and HIV activists.