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Chut Wutty

Chut Wutty

HRD, Founder
National Resources Protection Group (NRPG)
VOA Article

Chut Wutty lived with threats from interests threatened by his activism, according to Sam Chanthy, his wife. He was threatened with verbal warnings and live rounds. His children, he was told, would be kidnapped.

Alexander Soros Foudnation Award

The Alexander Soros Foundation has today announced it is honoring Chut Wutty, a Cambodian activist who was killed by members of the country’s military police on 26th April 2012 whilst investigating illegal logging. The award is being accepted in his honor by the Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN) whose members still risk their lives to protect the forest they have relied upon for generations.

Former deputy director of Global Witness in Cambodia, Chut Wutty founded the National Resources Protection Group (NRPG) in Mondol Seima district, Koh Kong province working to protect the forest and natural resources of Cambodia. Chut Wutty was one of the most prominent anti-logging and land rights activist in Cambodia. Speaking out against land grabbing and corruption by the government and big businesses, he exposed a secretive state sell-off of national parks, by which the government was granting so-called economic land concessions to companies, allowing them to develop land in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Chut Wutty leaves his wife, two daughters and son.

“Chut Wutty’s life work was to defend the rights of forest communities and speak out against the rampant deforestation that is destroying Cambodia’s natural heritage. We want to keep his words and his battle alive.”  Fran Lambrick, Co-director of “I am Chut Wutty”

HRDs who work to promote and protect economic, social, and cultural rights are particularly at risk of persecution. Trade union leaders, especially those affiliated with the Free Trade Union of the Workers of Cambodia, have been subjected to extra-judicial executions. Community activists defending the right to housing and protesting against land grabs and forced evictions have faced fabricated charges and jail terms.


I Am Chut Wutty