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Cesar Estrada

Cesar Estrada Chuquilin

HRD, Journalist & Member
Red de Comunicadores Indigenas del Perú – REDCIP

Cesar Estrada Chuquilin is a journalist and member of the Red de Comunicadores Indigenas del Perú – REDCIP (Network of Indigenous Communicators in Peru). He has reported on several human rights violations concerning land disputes in the region, including the case of the Chaupe family, and environmental issues related to the Conga Mining Project in the region of Cajamarca.  In September 2015 the human rights defender was a victim of an assassination attempt and previously has suffered severe persecution and intimidation, been a victim of defamation, harassment, threats, attacks and thefts as a result of his peaceful and legitimate human rights work. He has also been a victim of continuous judicial harassment, including fabricated charges of theft and financial irregularities which are pending against him, and the alleged kidnapping of a Yanacocha businesswoman.

While many human rights defenders (HRDs) can operate freely in Peru, those working on the environment, in particular on the environmental and human rights impact of the extractive industry, face harsh repression, including intimidation, smear campaigns, death threats, surveillance, and judicial harassment.


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