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Bulent Sik

Bülent Şık

Academics for Peace

As a scientist, I will continue working to protect human rights, and fight to the end against those who pollute the environment, nature and those who turn a blind eye. I don't know if my sentence will be upheld by the Court of Cassation or not, and I don't care at all, not even a bit. All is worth for the health of the children of the country.

Bülent Şık is a human rights defender working on public health, food safety and the right to a healthy environment. He previously conducted research on areas such as toxic chemicals in food and drinking water and their impact on public health. He was an academic and Technical Assistant Director of the Food Safety and Agricultural Research Center at Akdeniz University. He was also a signatory to the 2016 Academics for Peace petition “We will not be party to this crime”, which called for peace in South Eastern Turkey. He was dismissed from his position by emergency decree in November 2016.

Turkey police

Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Turkey have been subjected to judicial harassment, including criminal prosecution, violent attacks, threats, surveillance, prolonged arbitrary detention, and ill-treatment. In the aftermath of an attempted coup in July 2016, the environment for the work of HRDs deteriorated even further.