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Beejin Khastumur

Beejin Khastamur

HRD, Founder
Delhiin Mongol Nogoon Negdel

Beejin Khastamur is the founder of Delhiin Mongol Nogoon Negdel (DMNN), a non-governmental organisation which advocates for the protection of the environment and the rights of the nomad people of Mongolia. The organisation has exposed violations of Mongolia’s environmental laws by foreign and domestic mining companies. It has also organised workshops, public gatherings and demonstrations to raise awareness on environmental issues.

The livelihood and basic rights of Mongolian nomads and herders are being threatened by mining companies, that ruin their lands, sources of drinking water, pastures and surrounding environment. Although these herders and nomads notify and alert the local authorities of illegal mining activities, most government agencies don’t do anything to enforce the laws and protect their rights, as corruption is widespread.

Beejin’s organisation gathers information about the situation and human rights violations, and it notifies the relevant authorities. If they don’t take any action, they publicize their findings through press conferences, their website or Facebook page. In the most serious cases, they also organise demonstrations and gatherings in order to help the victims and give visibility to the situation they are facing.