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Alirio Perdomo

Alirio Perdomo

HRD, Leader, President
Asociación de Afectados por el Proyecto Hidroeléctrico El Quimbo (ASOQUIMBO)

Alirio Perdomo is an artisanal fisherman, leader of the Association of People Affected by the El Quimbo Hydroelectric Project (ASOQUIMBO) and president of the Association of Calandrero Fishermen of the Magdalena River in the municipality of Hobo, in the department of Huila in Colombia. Alirio Perdomo has been one of the main leaders and spokespersons on the effects suffered by artisanal fishermen in the face of the El Quimbo hydroelectric project. Thus, he has participated in days of mobilization and protests such as the one that took place on March 14, 2023 in Puerto Seco to commemorate the International Day for the Struggle Against Dams. He had also expressed his interest in participating in the Control Debate of Commission V of the House of Representatives to the El Quimbo project.

HRDs in Colombia work in a violent and unsafe environment. They are subjected to threats, intimidation, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, physical assaults, torture, killings, illegal searches of their homes and offices and stigmatisation as a result of their activities in defence of human rights. The perpetrators of these abuses are frequently paramilitary groups, many of whom have links to the government or security services, or armed opposition groups. The continued frequent and severe threats and attacks against HRDs around the country contradict government claims of paramilitary demobilisation.