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Crew Against Torture


Crew Against Torture is an informal union of human rights lawyers, engaged in investigation of torture and inhumane treatment in the Russian Federation. Crew against Torture emerged after the shutdown of the Committee against Torture, as the lawyers, who used to work for the Committee against Torture decided to continue their work without forming any legal entity. Crew against Torture carried the legacy of the Committee against Torture, and provides assistance to torture survivors and conducts independent investigation of torture cases. In addition, Crew against Torture publishes reports on systemic problems regarding the ineffectiveness of official investigations and prosecution of torture in Russia. Crew against Torture addresses human rights violations relying mostly upon legal mechanisms available at the national level. Crew against Torture promotes protection in various regions of Russia. As of 2022, Crew against Torture operates in six regions: Nizhny Novgorod region, Orenburg region, the North Caucasus, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar region.