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Aurora Hungary


Auróra is a social enterprise in Budapest that connects cultural programs and civil and activist organizations to foster cooperation among them and strengthen civil sector and participatory democracy. Auróra functions as a hub for Roma Press Centre, School of Public Life, Budapest Pride, Marom, Dor Hadaz, Invisible School, Pneuma Szöv, Atlatszo, Streetlawyer and other NGOs who work on the rights of marginalized and stigmatized groups. It is committed to creating an open community, where individuals, groups and non-profit organizations could meet, share their ideas and collaborate on new initiatives.


Recent developments of Hungary's state policy towards independent non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has been a cause for concern. NGOs have been labelled as agents of “foreign influence”, accused of being politically motivated, and have seen their offices raided by police. Extreme right-wing groups have targeted and threatened human rights defenders.