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100% Estrogeno


100% Estrogeno was created in 2010 as a radio space, with the aim of raising issues that are usually not addressed or are minimised in respect to the position and power relations between women and the social environment. Over the years, the study and activism in feminism, the legal defence of cases of gender violence and the practice of human rights, transformed into a Non-Governmental Organisation.

Since 2019 they develop audiovisuals and educational content focused on promoting multimedia material regarding the great gaps between men and women in Venezuela, especially on issues such as women's political participation, sexual rights; normalisation of violence, micro-machism and labour inequality.

100% Estrogeno mission is to make visible, promote and defend women's human rights. The organization has seen the need to assume the legal defence of cases of gender violence from the point of view of re-victimisation and institutional violence, making visible systematic violations of women's human rights, sharing its activities between legal and communicational aspects.


HRDs have been working under restrictive policies for many years: the Maduro administration has continued the work begun by Chávez in restricting civil space and delegitimising HRDs, repeatedly accusing them of undermining the Venezuelan democracy with the alleged collaboration of the United States. HRDs are discredited and criminalised by state-controlled media (television, radio, print media) on a weekly basis.