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Adolfo Campos

Revolutionary Youth Movement

Adolfo Campos is a human rights defender in Angola and a visible and outspoken figure in the Revolutionary Youth Movement in the country. Adolfo Campos advocates for political and civil rights, good governance, transparency and accountability in governmental decisions and practices.  As part of Movimento Revolucionario, he also co-organises peaceful protests and demonstrations in support of social justice causes, and advocates for freedom of speech and assembly in Angola. Movimento Revolucionario is a social movement, with non-political party affiliation, that brings together a variety of actors who rally around political claims. They have regularly organised and joined peaceful protests and acts in support of causes affecting civil society in Angola. Due to Adolfo Campo’s activism, he has been previously targeted and detained. Although by law demonstrations did not require authorization, it has been a practice that  authorities frequently not only refused to allow them to take place, police often arbitrarily arrested and detained peaceful protesters.

Angola police

Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Angola are subjected to arrests, judicial harassment, physical attacks, threats and defamation campaigns. Freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression are limited. HRDs working on civil and political rights and journalists criticizing the government are especially at risk.