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Intimidation de la défenseuse Mme Aziza Abdirasulova

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Le 25 avril 2006, Aziza Abdirasulova a reçu la visite de M. Manas Boroshev, Lieutenant principal et agent autorisé du département d'investigation criminelle du district de Sverdlovsk. Il l'a interrogée à propos du nom du "leader de leur parti". Aziza Abdirasulova lui a dit que Kylym Shamy est une organisation non gouvernementale et non un parti politique et qu'il n'y a pas de leader. M. Boroshev a alors posé des questions à propos des finances de l'organisation.

À propos d'Aziza Abdirasulova

Aziza AbdirasulovaAziza Abdirasulova est directrice de la fondation publique 'Kylym Shamy', qui surveille les centres de détention et apporte une aide juridique aux victimes de torture.    

16 Mai 2006
Intimidation of human rights defender Ms. Aziza Abdirasulova

Front Line is deeply concerned by reports concerning the intimidation of human rights defender Ms. Aziza Abdirasulova, who is head of the human rights centre, Kylym Shamy. Aziza Abdirasulova has been visited by members of the special services 4 times in less than a week.

According to the information received, on 25 April 2006, Aziza Abdirasulova was visited by Mr. Manas Boroshev, Senior Lieutenant and authorised operative of the Sverdlovsk district criminal investigation department. He questioned her about the name of 'the leader of their party'. Aziza Abdirasulova informed him that Kylym Shamy is a non-governmental organisation and not a political party and does not have a leader. Mr. Boroshev then asked questions concerning the finances of the organisation. When asked by the lawyer for the organisation he could not give any grounds for his questions. Mr. Boroshev claimed that law enforcement agencies were inspecting all non-governmental organisations. Aziza Abdirasulova has said that Kylym Shamy will answer any questions and provide any required documentation upon receiving an official request. They have submitted a complaint about the unofficial enquiries made by Mr. Boroshev.

Furthermore, according to the reports, on 20 April 2006, Aziza Abdirasulova was at her office when an unknown man, who said his name was Bakyt, came in claiming to be a friend of her old acquaintance. He asked her to help him find a job in some non-governmental organisation, to which Aziza Abdirasulova replied she does not deal with job placements. Bakyt reportedly continued asking questions about financing, partners and donors. Members of the human rights organisation noted the registration details of the car in which he had arrived and discovered from the Ministry of the Interior that the car was registered to a resident of Tokmok who had sold the car to a member of the National Safety Service. Prior to visiting the Kylym Shamy offices, Bakyt had approached the Director of another business where their offices are located, and asked how many people were employed at the organisation, the comings and goings of people at the office and whether the rent was paid on time.

Front Line is particularly concerned that these visits took place after the broadcast of the 'Dialogue between the President and Civil Society' on 19 April 2006. In this Aziza Abdirasulova asked President Bakiyev a number of questions, including why Ryspek Akmatbaev, being a criminal authority, is staying at the state residence near the Issyk-Kul Lake.