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19 February 2019

European Parliament Resolution on the situation in Chechnya and the case of Oyub Titiev

After more then one year spent by Oyub Titiev behind bars in Chechnya, the sentence on his case is expected to be announced around the middle of March in the final hearing of an extremely lengthy judicial process. In the light of the upcoming judgment, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution On the Situation in Chechnya, and the Case of Oyub Titiev, calling for authorities to immediately release Oyub Titiev as well as “to put an end to the harassment and persecution of their citizens and to end the climate of impunity for the perpetrators of acts of violence against human rights defenders”.

"Oyub Titiev risks being adjudged guilty of a crime he did not commit and spending up to ten years in prison"
- EP Resolution of 14 February 2019

Front Line Defenders welcomes the adoption of the Resolution by the European Parliament and supports the calls outlined in it. With the final decision on Titiev’s case on its way, Front Line Defenders joins the Parliament’s plea for other states to closely monitor the defender’s trial as well as the overall human rights situation in Chechnya.