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William Amanzuru

William Amanzuru

Friends of ZOKA
EU Human Rights Defenders (Uganda) Award

Ugandan environmental rights defender William Amanzuru wins EU Human Rights Defenders Award 2019

DW Interview

Campaigner battles to save rainforest in Uganda

William Leslie Amanzuru is an environmental human rights defender and the team leader at Friends of ZOKA in Uganda. Friends of ZOKA is a group of environmentalist activists named for its members' love for Zoka Central Forest Reserve, located in Adjumani District in the West Nile region of Uganda. They are fighting to stop the illegal plundering of the reserve and the entire environment in Adjumani-West Nile, which is under attack by illegal loggers, timber dealers and charcoal dealers.


The Ugandan government continues to limit freedom of expression and association with human rights defenders being subjected to threats, intimidation and judicial harassment due to their legitimate human rights work.


2019 Dublin Platform Testimonies - William Amanzuru, Uganda