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Veronika Mora

HRD, Director
Okotars - Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation

Veronika is the director of Okotars foundation, which is one of the main organisations managing the Norwegian Fund in Hungary which caused controversy in 2014. Okotars, among other groups, was raided in June and September 2014, subjected to inspections by the authorities and an investigation by the Government NGO Control Office (KEHI). The homes of Okotars' staff were also raided and computers and documents were confiscated. The organisation's tax number was suspended and a criminal investigation into alleged embezzlement and an overall tax audit were initiated.

NGOs have been labelled as agents of “foreign influence”, accused of being politically motivated, and have seen their offices raided by police. Since 2010, when ruling Fidesz party came to power, the authorities have taken progressive steps to limit the space for civil society and independent media, and to alter the constitutional system of checks and balances in favour of the executive.