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Su Su Nway

Su Su Nway

HRD, Chairperson
Myanmar's Farmers Union

Su Su Nway is a labour and land rights defender and chairperson of Myanmar's Farmers Union. In 2005 she filedacomplaint against the government'slong-standing practice of forced labour, which led to the successful prosecution of several government representatives. Subsequently, she was sentenced to 18 months in prison on charges of “using abusive language against the authorities”. Following her release from prison in June 2006, she took an active part in the protests against the government in August 2007 and was sentenced to another 8 years in Hkamti prison. Since her release under amnesty in October 2011, Su Su Nway has been involved in the defence of labour rights.


Threats against HRDs working on economic, social, and cultural rights have increased.


Farm Rights Activist Su Su Nway Sentenced For Trespassing