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Ninia Kakabadze

Ninia Kakabadze

HRD, Journalist & Founder
Media Club

Ninia Kakabadze is a journalist and film scholar who has worked with several media outlets since 1997. In 2010, she founded the NGO "Media Club", which focuses on the improvement of the environment for media advocacy. Since 2012, she has lectured at the Ilia State University, teaching the class "Human Rights in the Media." Ninia has received many online threats during the course of her human rights reporting, especially through her work with the LGBT community. 

Human rights defenders in Georgia are often subjected to physical attacks, threats and insults, defamation, and slander. In most cases, these forms of intimidation are levelled against those who protect and promote the rights of migrants and members of national, religious, or sexual minorities, as well as those working on politically sensitive cases and in remote areas where they have almost no opportunities for protection.