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Marco Omizzolo


Marco Omizzolo is a sociologist, researcher and journalist, who has been documenting and denoucing human rights violations against Sikh migrant workers exploited in the fields in the province of Latina (central Italy). In a context where "agrimafia" is rampant and many farms are controlled by criminal organisations, migrants have to work for up to 13 hours a day in inhumane conditions and under the orders of "caporali" (gangmasters), they earn well below the minimum wage and they have to live in cramped accommodation. To document their situation, Marco has worked undercover in the fields and he also went to Punjab (India) to follow an Indian human trafficker, where he investigated the connections between human trafficking and the system of agrimafia. Marco is also one of the founders of InMigrazione, an organisation that supports migrant workers informing them about their rights, helping them organise and fight for labour rights, and giving them the legal support they might need. In 2016, Marco and some Sikh activists managed to organise the first mass strike in Latina, joined by over 4000 workers.

Because of his work - and particularly because of his investigations denouncing the criminal organisations involved in the agribusiness and the local food industry - Marco Omizzolo has been receiving serious threats. His car has been repeatedly damaged, he is often under surveillance and he has been forced to relocate because of the threats received.