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Loreto Bravo

Loreto Bravo

HRD, Founder & Coordinator
Palabra Radio

Founder of the Radio Word 2006, Loreto Bravo has spent the last eight years of her life accompanying processes of community communication and teaching workshops on technical aspects in FM radio. In 2009 she participated in the campaign to reform low power FM in the United States with the Prometheus Radio Project. Loreto is passionate about using technology to defend human rights and eradicate violence against women.

Palabra Radio consists of a team of women who are dedicated to the support of community communication processes, creating opportunities for exchange of knowledge and experience, providing technical support to communication projects based on free culture.


Human rights defenders (HRDs) and journalists in Mexico are subject to intimidation, legal harassment, arbitrary detention, death threats, acts of physical aggression, enforced disappearances and killings as a result of their activities in defence of human rights and the exercise of freedom of expression and journalism.