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Jelili Atiku Nigeria

Jelili Atiku

Nigeria ARTerial Network – CORA/Arterial Network

Jelili Atiku is a Nigerian artist and human rights defender. He works to promote freedom of expression through art and to develop creative and thought-provoking ways of discussing human rights. He is also a member of the Committee for Relevant Art and Nigeria ARTerial Network – CORA/Arterial Network, which unites individuals, organisations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the African creative and cultural sector. The human rights defender has focused his work on denouncing human rights violations committed by the government and commenting on the situation of political prisoners in Nigeria. His work has also dealt with politically motivated persecution of opponents of the regime, and the atrocities committed by Boko Haram.

Since 2009, an Islamist armed group known as Boko Haram has been carrying out acts of violence and terrorist attacks in parts of Northern and Central Nigeria. In their response, Nigerian security forces have also perpetrated serious human rights violations. HRDs, often caught in the middle of the conflict, are increasingly targeted by both sides, and work under great fear and insecurity.