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Bessy Ferrera

Bessy Ferrera

HRD, Member

Bessy Ferrera was a transgender and sex rights defender, she was a member of Arcoíris, an organisation that provides support to LGBTI persons victims of violence, works on awareness initiatives, promotes HIV prevention programmes and lobbies the Honduran government to advance LGBTI rights in the country. This year, she was named as a focal point by Arcoíris association within the Right Here, Right Now (Derechos aquí y Ahora) Platform of Honduras.


Journalists, lawyers, prosecutors, those defending the rights of women, children, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community, indigenous and Afro-Honduran communities, and those working on environmental and land rights issues are particularly at risk. LGBTI+ defenders in Honduras are doubly discriminated against. They are discriminated firstly because they are human rights defenders and secondly because they defend LGBTI+ rights.