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Babar Qadri

HRD, Lawyer & Founding Member
Kashmir Thinkers Guild

Babar Qadri was a human rights lawyer who was at the forefront of human rights defence in Kashmir for over a decade. He was one of the founding members of “Kashmir Thinkers Guild”, a local initiative for educating and mobilising students, social activists and environmental rights defenders. He was also a member of “Initiative for Peace and Justice” an organisation working to promote peace in the highly volatile region. In his capacity, the defender engaged in organising human rights seminars, awareness campaigns and peaceful demonstrations to highlight the plight of Kashmiris. As a lawyer, Babar Qadri had taken up several cases involving human rights violations against children and actively worked for a stronger juvenile justice system.

Human rights defenders in India face a diverse range of attacks and harassment from state and non-state actors alike, including killing, physical assault, arbitrary detention, threats and judicial harassment.