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Amanda Beatrice

Amanda Bosco Beatrice

Society of Gender Professionals (SGP), Tanzania Community Empowerment Foundation (TACEF)

Amanda Bosco Beatrice is a transgender activist and human rights defender advocating for gender, LGBTI rights, sexual and reproductive health rights where she reaches out to grassroot communities including young key populations through the African Queer Youth Initiative (AQYI) as a volunteer. She is the Deputy Chairperson of the Tanzania Community Empowerment Foundation (TACEF) and co-chair of inclusion and diversity with the Society of Gender Professionals (SGP). Amanda is a 2017 cohort 15 civic graduate of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and part of the Commonwealth Youth council on committee representing special interest groups. She has also worked with the youth coalition for sexual and reproductive Rights (YCSRR) as a human rights council co-chair and the UN women informal reference group on LGBTI issues. Amanda is currently finishing an undergraduate degree in Business administration and also working at Transgender Equality Uganda as a programs assistant.


The Ugandan government continues to limit freedom of expression and association with human rights defenders being subjected to threats, intimidation and judicial harassment due to their legitimate human rights work.