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Adel Sabri

Adel Sabri

HRD, Journalist & Editor-in-Chief
Masr Al-Arabia

Adel Sabri is a journalist and member of the Egyptian Press Syndicate. He is the editor in chief of privately owned Masr Al-Arabia news website founded in 2014 as an-online media platform. It publishes on human rights and democracy and disseminate the work of Egyptian and international human rights NGOs. It also briefs Egyptian readers in Arabic on international media critical reports and op-eds covering political and economic developments in Egypt.


A significant crackdown on civil society in Egypt has been taking place since 2014. HRDs face an extremely challenging situation due to restrictions imposed on civil society and peaceful public gatherings and protests, travel bans, the arrest and sentencing of HRDs, bloggers, journalists and protesters, as well as an ongoing smear campaign against human rights groups.