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Abdullah Habib

Abdullah Habib


Abdullah Habib is a  human rights defender, poet, writer, and film critic. He has been advocating for the respect of human rights in Oman through short films and publications, including on social media. He took part in peaceful pro-democracy protests in 2011 in the People’s Square in front of Oman’s parliament in Muscat, calling for the improved protection of human rights through government reform, particularly in relation to living conditions and the quality of life in Oman.


Human rights defenders (HRDs) and those criticising government policies or expressing dissent continue to be targeted and subjected to heavy restrictions. Many HRDs are subject to harassment, arbitrary detention, and torture in detention. Hundreds of academics, journalists and commentators have been arrested, charged and at times kept in incommunicado detention for taking parts in protests or criticising Sultan Qaboos.