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Proyecto Saltapatrás

Google News Initiative's News Equity Fund

Proyecto Saltapatrás is an independent digital media outlet that has consolidated its position as a space dedicated to information and reflection. Its fundamental commitment, in the full exercise of freedom of the press and expression, is rooted in the promotion and defense of human rights, focusing on crucial areas such as the protection of the environment and territory, human mobility, the right to the city, cultural dissemination, access to justice, the right to defend rights, to the truth and to a life free of violence.

Additionally, Proyecto Saltapatrás is an active part of the Dialogue Network of Journalists for Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean, a program of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. In recognition of its work, the organisation was awarded Google News Initiative's News Equity Fund in 2022.

Human rights defenders (HRDs) and journalists in Mexico are subject to intimidation, legal harassment, arbitrary detention, death threats, acts of physical aggression, enforced disappearances and killings as a result of their activities in defence of human rights and the exercise of freedom of expression and journalism.