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Park prirode Trstionica i Boriva

Park prirode Trstionica i Boriva is an informal organisation founded by a group of local citizens in 25 May 2022. They initiated a campaign called Zastitimo Mehoric - Kakanj (Let's protect Mehoric – Kakanj) with the aim to raise awareness and protect the nature and fresh water in and around their town, Kakanj. The organisation established a Facebook page to mobilize citizens by posting videos, reports and photos documenting the impact of the ongoing exploration and excavation work on the hills and calls for action. It has more than five thousand members with a higher number of visits. Park prirode Trstionica I Boriva monitors the work around their town closely and files complaints and requests for information to local, cantonal and federal authorities. Due to their passionate work for their environment and high visibility, the organisation has strong connections with other environmental rights organisations in the country and in the region.

Bosnia Herzegovina

La situation en Bosnie-Herzégovine s'est améliorée au cours des dernières années. Le nombre d'agressions physiques contre les défenseur-ses des droits humains a diminué et aucun meurtre n'a été rapporté. Cependant, certains groupes sont toujours en danger; il s'agit des journalistes et des défenseur⸱ses des droits humains qui luttent contre les discriminations envers les personnes lesbiennes, gays, bisexuelles, transgenres et intersexuées (LGBTI).