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Irish Aid

Irish Aid Support for Front Line Defenders

Irish Aid is a key partner for Front Line Defenders. This support reflects the commitment of the Irish Government to supporting human rights defenders.

Irish Aid provided multi-annual funding to Front Line Defenders over a five-year period between 2012 and 2016 under Programme Grant I. In 2016 Irish Aid provided €483,690 to fund Front Line Defenders work, which enabled Front Line Defenders to provide vital support to human rights defenders at risk.

With support from Irish Aid, Front Line Defenders works to ensure that Human Rights Defenders are recognised to be essential actors in the struggle for human rights and enjoy the freedom to undertake their legitimate activities to advance and defend human rights and empower communities.

Front Line Defenders has three key objectives:

  1. provide rapid, practical and effective support to human rights defenders at risk;
  2. enhance the visibility of human rights defenders and the recognition of the legitimate work that they undertake; and
  3. support the strengthening of national and international mechanisms for the protection of HRDs.

With support from Irish Aid, Front Line Defenders will also aim to create a constituency of supporters among the Irish public for the protection of human rights defenders.

HRD Memorial Launch in Dublin
President Michael D. Higgins at the launch of the HRD Memorial.

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