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Front Line Defenders is committed to support human rights defenders at risk to the best of its abilities, and in line with its vision, mission and values. The organisation is also committed to safeguarding all individuals it works with or support in line with its Safeguarding policy.

Click Here to Read the Safeguarding Policy

Front Line Defenders recognises that it may not be able to meet all requests for support, or to meet them to the full satisfaction of the person concerned.

Front Line Defenders encourages human rights defenders, other stakeholders and the general public to give feedback, be it positive or negative.

If you consider that you have been affected by the action of Front Line Defenders or its representatives, please file a complaint and it will be considered.

Any feedback, positive or negative, will be shared with the relevant programme area and with management.

Upon receipt of a complaint, Front Line Defenders will assess whether the complaint raises a safeguarding issue. If it does, it will be shared with the Safeguarding Team and considered in accordance with the Safeguarding Policy.

For all other complaints:

  • The complaint will be reviewed by the Deputy Director;
  • Front Line Defenders will send an initial response within seven days;
  • Front Line Defenders will seek to consider the complaint as soon as possible, and provide a response addressing the complaint within 30 days;
  • If you are dissatisfied with the response to your complaint, you can ask that your complaint and the response be reviewed by Front Line Defenders Executive Director, who will provide a response as soon as possible and at the latest within a further 30 days.

You can submit a complaint by writing an email to