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Climate Queens & Special Guests Podcast

Clodagh Kelly and Katie Harrington, hosts of the Climate Queens podcast, will be bringing their much-loved musings and conversation to the Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival. These best pals will be doing what they do best in discussing some of the most important and pressing issues facing our climate crisis today, whilst also providing tips and solutions to take into our daily lives. 


Katie & Clodagh are delighted to announce their special guests Mariam Sawadogo (Front Line Defenders) and Clodagh Daly (Climate Case Ireland). Join the Climate Queens alongside the Front Line Defenders protection co-ordinator Mariam Sawadogo and Clodagh Daly as they delve into a rich discussion about the importance of law in relation to our climate crisis, the link between human right violations and climate breakdown and the biggest barriers facing climate action in Sierra Leone and Ireland today. Mariam and Clodagh also share the change they hope to see over the next decade as we collectively work towards a net-zero world!